No Client? So What Should We Do?

I have been managing my career online for the past two years and it greatly helped me and my family when it comes to our finances. As for me and my fellow workers online, the more tasks we have the more earnings we could have that is why we make it a point to fulfill our commitments to our clients. I was lucky to have a regular client for the past two years who pays me on a monthly basis as a Social Media Manager aside from my other online writing jobs.

While most office-based jobs require a maximum of eight hours, working online sometimes requires more than that. There are days when I could really need more than two hands just to finish all my tasks. I am not complaining though because it means money and hypocrisy aside, that’s what I aim for—to earn more.

More client, more work—equals more earnings, sounds good eh? However, that is not always the scenario. We also have our down times. Yes, there are times when we have no new clients or our regular clients are on vacation and we are left with no tasks to do.

This normally cuts down our earnings but personally speaking, I don’t look at it on the negative side. On a positive perspective, this could mean a perfect break time. Make use of this “no client days” to do other personal things that you have been itching to do during your busy days.

• Learn new skills- there are a lot of services that you could offer online. Aside from offering your writing skills, why not study link building, SEO Optimization skills or Social Media Management? These are just few jobs online that most employers seek from different online outsourcing companies. Make use of your idle time to study these instead of sulking because you have no tasks to do.

• Discover new marketing technique- it would be a great welcome for your client once they get back. While they are away, make use of your time to discover new marketing techniques. Instead of wasting time on your personal Facebook account, browsing the web for useful ideas related to your craft would be much rewarding.

• Write on your blog- most workers online make use of their blogs as their ticket to the online workplace. However, once they get busy with their clients, their blogs become stagnant. No client? Then this is the perfect time to revive your blogs. Write fresh contents, regain readership and who knows, you could drive new clients once again once they read new posts on your blogs.

If you are a dedicated worker online who spends more time on your desktop or laptop, then perhaps spending more time with your family or love ones is the perfect thing to do if you have no clients as of the time being. After all, it is for them why you work hard, isn’t it?

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