How to Build and Manage a Website with Your iPhone

In today’s generation, it is important for companies or businesses to have its own websites or blogs because it is a perfect gateway to have a wide reach of potential customers and clients. I remember when I offered my service to create a website for a company where my husband works and I scoured for sites that offer free website creation since it will be my first attempt to do such task.

Among others that I bumped into, I chose for the following reasons:

1. You could create your own website for FREE!

2. Easy drag and drop website builder

3. Powerful Hosting

4. Wide variety of themes to choose from

I created a website for hubby’s company in minutes! It could have been the company’s official website but then we have to switch to another platform and hosting site as per the superior’s decision. Anyway, based on my own experience, Weebly is a great website creation site especially for newbies who have no knowledge on CSS or HTML and other sort of technical stuff needed when creating a website.

As people get more interested in creating and maintaining their own blogs or websites either for business or personal use, Weebly developed into a higher level. As blogging and browsing on the Internet can happen anytime and anywhere, yes, even when you fall in line in a grocery store—Weebly catches up with that scenario through your iPhone.

Their motto “Post and Manage on the Go” is literally true and most website owner and blogger appreciate it so much. Weebly for iPhone is an iOS app that a user can enjoy as he upload website contents and photos, monitor statistics, moderate and answer comments and yes, even creating a whole new website or blog with only his iPhone on hand. What about Facebook and Twitter? You could also post content into those social media in just a click. How cool is that huh?

There’s no need to be tied up on your desktop or laptop just to monitor 24/7 your website. An iPhone is a handy gadget you can bring anywhere and anytime. You can download the Weebly app on your iPhone for as little as $2.99 per year with a two-year contract.

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