Fully Customize Your Reports with User Defined Fields

It is normal for most of us to aim for detailed, organized and accurate reports especially if it is about business. Elance had made the task of getting things tidy and up to date reports for their clients through the use of User Defined Fields. The thought of working with more than one contractor could be mind boggling on the part of their client particularly in the monitoring field. Of course, starting up a project does not only start with job posting and hiring that eventually ends with payments. It is a continuous process that needs to be supervised from time to time so big thanks to UDF.

It does not matter whether you are a big company who unambiguously requires every report to be precised especially in invoicing and purchase orders or a newbie client who just wants to see everything in order at a single glance.

How do User Defined Fields works?

Account managers can take charge in customizing the fields and set it according to each team member’s usage (which is visible only to the admin and the team). It can also be based on the project they are working with. Basically it will give accuracy to client’s accounting and bookkeeping records.

• Job Posting- assign PO numbers and other important details about the job on the UDF

• Job Hiring- once a contractor was hired, UDF and PO will automatically appear in all invoices and/or received payments

Making it mandatory to fill in all the User Defined Fields before a new job can be created by hiring managers could also provide a more controlled staffing on the part of the client. Furthermore, upon downloading of the invoices and payments from the Payments Lists, you can also see PO numbers and other UDFs you input upon job posting.

With this fully customizable reporting tools, TIME, which is essential to both the clients and contractors can be maximized leading to a more effective and harmonious working relationship.

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