Freelancers Can Thrive in New Era of Independent Workers

Traditionally, freelancing was considered as eyebrow raising jobs and people looked at freelancers as hopeless job seekers. They see them as pitiable human being who cannot get a regular job to support their family. But all those misconceptions were just today’s history.

Freelancing had become the latest trend of today’s generation and more people including those who are permanently employed wish they could just be their own boss and earn by themselves. Although quite popular in the early days, the rapid changes in technology, global trade and online communications played important roles in the success of most freelancers.

Global recession caused lots of fear and depression to many people especially those who have families. But those negative vibes are eradicated by the booming success of freelancing. Now, people have the option to be free from an explicit career and be their own boss. Becoming an independent workers give them the freedom to work on their own time, location, skills and specializations. Surveys had been conducted and it showed increased percentage of workers who work independently or per project basis than getting a temporary employment from a company.

Gone are the days where workers seem to work for their employers depicting a scenario where a slave works for his master. It’s as if the employer has full rights of their employees’ over-all well being just because they provide for their salaries and health insurances.

In freelancing, the person gain full responsibility of himself. He has the power to work at his best the way he wanted to. The goal of giving up his best to gain recognition and respect from his clients and co-freelancers is number one to his list.

However, before you jump into freelancing, you should know that it is not all pure glory—there are also some downsides. One major glitch in freelancing is the way how freelancers should be paid. Freelancers sometimes complain of “not paying clients” giving them a very shallow reason—inaccurate invoicing. But thanks to the wide and increasing numbers of applications, systems and software that help freelancers with this dilemma.

Now there’s no reason for any hard working people to slack and see themselves as hopeless human beings just because they are jobless. Freelancing is for all people of different age and races—you just have to trust your ability to sell your knowledge and skills and yes, freelancers can thrive in new era of independent workers!

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