Does A Virtual Assistant Really Need Certification?

Becoming a Virtual Assistant had been very appealing nowadays especially for people who get tired of working in the corporate world and would just love to offer their skills and expertise to employers who are looking for workers online. There is no question about the perks and joys of earning while staying at home with your family no wonder lots of people are now aspiring to become a Virtual Assistant.

 There is one question though that often popped out whenever a person thinks of becoming a Virtual Assistant and that is about certification. Just like in the traditional jobs that we know, there are some pre-requisites before you land a job. Of course first would be your skills and know-how about a particular job and to justify it more, some industries ask for certifications.

While it seems to be more convincing on the part of your potential employer to hire you if they see some certifications about you as a Virtual Assistant, this is often deemed unnecessary.

If you know you got the skills and will to become a reliable Virtual Assistant then there is no need to seek for certifications especially if you would be required to pay other people. There are some opportunists who take advantage of this misconception about being a Virtual Assistant. They tend to promise the person that s/he will surely land a job as a VA as soon a certification from them was released and other tactical approach to lure you and eventually pay them in cold cash.

Bottom line is—to become an effective Virtual Assistant, certifications are not needed. After all, a mere certification would not give you additional knowledge or skills as a VA. If by any chance, you would like to impress your potential employers to hire you, here are some tips that you could follow:

• Show off your blogs or other writings on line- since most VA jobs require article or content writing, this would surely make your potential employers interested in your service.
• Create your own portfolio- you recent work experience as a VA would be your ticket for continuous flow of work. Keep track of your past and present jobs and compile them in one place.
• Collect positive and good feedback from past and current employers- word of the mouth from your recent employers is enough endorsement and will result to more VA jobs.

Your skills and knowledge is enough to certify that you are an effective Virtual Assistant. Do not waste your time, effort and money to have certifications instead focus more in gaining additional skills that could improve your craft in the virtual work place.

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