Clients, where are you?

Whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business,
finding clients in any industry is no easy task.
There really is no set process for how to get their attention and convert
that in to business. This task can be even harder for virtual assistants.
By definition they do not operate face-to-face with their existing or
prospective clients, making it difficult to create connections and build
business relationships.
Here are some strategies that you could employ in order to get yourself
out there and attract that exciting new client;

clients where are you?

  • Build an effective online presence – this is an obvious part of
    being a virtual assistant, but having the right online strategy in
    place can make a big difference. There has been a shift away from
    outbound or outward facing marketing, where business would
    actively advertise to clients. Those clients are now looking for
    information themselves, and having a great website is crucial.
    Make sure to have your fees and rates in order, that your website
    is simple and easy to use, and have an excellent resume/portfolio
    ready for prospective clients to fall in love with.
  • Build a brand – by creating a personalized logo and other
    associated visuals, you’re going to be more likely to stand out
    from the crowd. Unfortunately there are a lot of other virtual
    assistants out there, so try and have something that is eye
    catching. Make sure it is simple, professional, and ties back to
    your core business.
  • Start social networking – the brave new world of business
    marketing. We live in a time where almost every person,
    business, and farm animal has a social media account. Most of the
    time they have several – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The list is
    endless, and new sites are popping up almost constantly. A good
    idea is to stick to the key sites, those that get the most traffic, and
    start putting yourself out there.
  • Go to external events and network – this may not always be
    possible depending upon your location, but sometimes there is
    nothing better than meeting people face-to-face and getting to
    know them. You’ll have the opportunity to explain your services
    yourself, and show the passion that you have for what you do.
  • Use websites like Elance and ODesk – these are excellent
    resources for anybody looking to work online. Thankfully the
    number of jobs posted for virtual assistants is extensive, so you’ll
    have no trouble finding a number of opportunities to submit a
    proposal for. Just keep in mind that websites like these often
    have a lot of people that will work for next to nothing, so you need
    to make sure your proposal stands out from the crowd.
  • Start a blog – this will tie in well with building an online presence.
    A blog can be a very effective marketing tool if used properly. You
    could write about trends in the industry, what some businesses
    are doing, and use that as a chance to market yourself as a better
    alternative. It needs to be subtle, but when done correctly it can
    help convert those clients that are sitting on the fence.
  • Be yourself and be likeable – probably one of the most important
    tips on this list. A virtual assistant is someone that has a lot of
    involvement in another persons life, whether it is business or
    personal. By being approachable and easy to get along with,
    you’re more likely to attract new clients who just want someone
    to help them out.

Every business and person is different, so the same strategy won’t work
for everyone. But if you start by implementing the above tips you can
start to generate some interest, build your confidence, and start landing
those great new clients!


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