Benefits of Sharing Free E-book On Your VA Website


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Websites are created both for personal or business purposes and most often than not, each websites want to be on top of the list when it comes to Page Ranking and over all performances. There are lots of ways where you can make your VA website reach the highest level when it comes to search engines but the most effective and proven is when you create free e-book/s on your website.

Benefits of sharing free e-book on your VA website:

1. Becoming more expert

If you spend time creating and sharing e-book/s for your website, your readers and new visitors would think and know that you are an authority when you talk about your website’s niche or subject. When creating an e-book, you get to expand your knowledge about the topic hence giving an in depth information about Virtual Assistant and other related topics. It gives more value to the services you are offering to your VA website as well.

2. Attract Visitors

Sharing a free e-book will also open the gates for new visitors and will make your regular readers stay longer on your VA website and even share it to their friends through different social media. Good thing is, during the e-book download process, you can gather email newsletter subscribers and add them to your potential readers.

3. More visitors and readers to your VA website can lead you to more business opportunities. You can monetize your blog by accepting link and display ads or even sell products to your website. There are also affiliate programs that you could join once you have an established and known website. If you gain an enormous amount of generated traffic, you can also attract Direct Advertisers that is willing to pay you in exchange of their banners or logo placed anywhere on your site.

Just like blogs on VA websites, e-book/s are also important and a must have. Sharing knowledge and information about your site’s niche is one thing that your readers would surely appreciate—especially when they are free and are easy to share.



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