Becoming a Virtual Assistant – Myths and Facts

Working from home and earning Dollars might be everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, based on my own experiences, a lot of people are mislead by some myths about being a Virtual Assistant, and did end up in failure because of they had wrong perception about how the VA really works.

Here are some myths versus facts of becoming a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant needs degree or certification

The fact is, clients prefer to have a skillful VA who can solve their problem rather than accepting someone with verified credentials.

I don’t know about other Virtual Assistants, but until now no client has ever asked me to submit my curriculum cv or asked where I did go to school, my degree or my major.

Most clients asked, “Can you do this?” or “Can you fix this?” and then prove it, that’s it. Nearly no question about “Where did you go to school?”  or “What VA certification that you possess?”

I am personally not against Virtual Assistant certification offered by some organizations, it might help in giving more credibility for some people, and joining the kind of organization can help you in business networking, getting references, and so on. But, do not depend on your degree or certification to find client.

Learn and learn everyday. Become the inseparable friend with Google and dig out every information from other websites or blogs to maximize your efforts to be a professional VA.


 Virtual Assistant Tasks are Simple 

It hurts, but most people see it that way. Especially those who have not got enough information about how a VA really works.

The truth is, 

I work almost 16 hours a day Monday to Friday, doing multiple kinds of job that I have never thought I would do.

Market research, making analysis, writing, reviewing, even exploring the ideas about how to manage clients’ social media accounts. 

Basically there are a lot of skills that a VA must possess, even though you don’t have to be really the master on everything.

Googling skill, WordPress, basic HTML, great marketing sense, English writing and speaking, technology passion and enthusiasm to learn, general computer skills and yourself branding capability. Those mentioned can be your great assets and make you professional Virtual Assistant.


Becoming Virtual Assistant Doesn’t Cost Anything

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend anything to support your career.

You can’t be a professional VA if you only have low speed internet connection, that’s for sure.

In Virtual Assistant career, your internet connection can determine your reputation. 

You also need to have your own computer, you need to set up Paypal as payment method (and to become Paypal verified account in Indonesia, you need to have credit card!)







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