6 Ways to Stay Productive in a Power Outage

Can you imagine working or running a business without power? I bet you can’t and neither do I. With the way people use electronic devices in their everyday lives, the worst that could happen is to run out of electricity. Looking at a more realistic view, there are instances when power outage normally happens especially during times of storms, calamities and other natural disasters just like when Hurricane Sandy devastated East Coast. This is inevitable but there are ways to stay productive during a power outage especially if you work virtually.

1. Anticipate power outage

Being prepared all the time is important especially if you knew what could happen. During storm and hurricane attacks, power is most likely to be cut off either on purpose to ensure safety or inevitably. At this stage, it is an advantage if you have a power generator at home or at work. But for those who don’t have, charge all batteries for your gadgets and flashlights prior to the disaster. By doing this, you could still go on with your work with sufficient lighting.

2. Prepare your connections’ list in print

To ensure continuous communications with your team or with relatives and friends during a power outage, it is advised that you write their contact info on a piece of paper and not just on your laptop or mobile phone. By doing so, you could still call them even when the power was cut off.

3. Use your batteries responsibly

Now is not the time to peek on your friends Facebook account or play some online games or mobile apps. Save your laptop or mobile phone’s battery life and do what are just important. If Internet connections are not available, at least you could still write articles using your laptop or tablet. At some point, perhaps you could consider buying back up charging devices for future use.

4. Consider file sharing apps

The cloud is the best way to share and access files from anywhere and at any devices. In case all your gadgets died, then you could borrow someone else’s laptop, access your files from the cloud and on you go with your work. We had made a review of Google Docs and Drop Box so perhaps you could choose which one works best for you.

5. Go out

You probably don’t have a power generator but some establishments like coffee shops have. Once the wrath of the storm subsided and it is safe to sneak out, go to the nearest establishments and ask if you could power up your gadgets even for a charge.

6. Ensure safety

Moving or working around without power could be hard and mind you, dangerous. It is advised to take safety precautions at all times.

As always, we learn how to value things when it is lost or scarce. When power energy comes back to its normal state, keep in mind some energy saving tips so you won’t be totally paralyzed during power outage.

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