5 Steps for Managing Disaster Recovery for Your Business

It is challenging to start up a business and make it a success. Most businessmen would claim that it was made possible out of their sweat, blood and tears. However, no matter how keen and organized an entrepreneur is there are still inevitable things that could happen and beyond anyone’s control, like calamities and natural disaster. 

True enough, with the recent hurricane Sandy that hit the East Coast, there are lots of businessmen who were left at shock, with the thought of their businesses all washed out by the storm. But people nowadays are stronger and born fighter. With that unforeseen event, instead of sulking about their businesses that were taken away, they got up to their feet and start all over again.

The moment of recovery for your business after a disaster could cause a lot of confusion especially in your recent emotional state. To help, you could jot down our 5 easy steps to start the recovery.

1. Get in touch with your insurance company

It is during this time that you would probably give yourself a pat on the back for getting your business insured. After the disaster had passed and before you start cleaning, call your insurance company. If you got a reliable one, they would immediately send a team to check up on your status, estimate what could be saved and what remains as useless.

2. Inquire about support

After a disaster, there are lots of agencies that offer help and assistance for business owners to be up and get back on business as soon as possible. It is obvious that to do this, financial assistance are imperative. These support groups and agencies normally offer loans either for long term or low rate. Do not hesitate and grab your chance to borrow money for any repairs or replacements needed for your business.

3. Keep a continuous lines of communication

Restoring all means of communication is top priority after a disaster. The worldwide web is most effective nowadays in letting your clients and customers know how you and your business had been after the unfortunate event. Update your business’ site and let them know when you will be back in full operation. Be honest. Let them know if it will take a while to gather up all that had been damaged. Be thankful for those who wish you well during the disaster and express it on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

4. Craft a support scheme

This could be your first time to be hit by a disaster so you would not probably allow your business to experience it again. This is the perfect time to create a back-up plan. Refresh your mind of what had been damaged? What areas are the most affected? By going back to what had happened you could easily jot down what you should do if it happens again. Only the next time, you won’t be left empty handed because you got all your businesses’ covered up with your back-up plan.

5. Leave FEMA as your last resort

Federal Emergency Management Agencies are sure to help home owners as quick as they can. However, business owners become their second priority so why lay your fate to them? Better seek your own private Insurance Company or acquire for personal loans as this is faster and easier for business owners like you.

In no time, things could back to normal and though it would mean another days, months or years of hard work—at least you have something you could start up with for your business as long as you know how to recover from such disasters.

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